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About Us

Gamini Kuruppu

Chairman's Message

Pan Global Properties (Pvt) Ltd was initially established in August 2013 as Pan Global Property Developers (Pvt) Ltd, with a vision to engage in diverse property development ventures to cater to the dynamic and demanding real estate sector.

After actively participating in the real estate industry for nearly a decade, we recognized a significant gap in the market for essential services. With a deep understanding of market dynamics, we gradually adapted and expanded our offerings to provide a comprehensive range of integrated real estate-related services, meeting the demands of our esteemed clients.

To better reflect our evolving nature and commitment to delivering tangible results, we underwent a rebranding process, transforming into Pan Global Properties (Pvt) Ltd. This change aligns our company name with our core values and the quality services we provide to our valued customers.

Gamini Kuruppu-Chairman-Pan Global Property
Gamini Kuruppu

Despite being a small team, we are passionate and committed to delivering customized and personalized solutions to address any intricate real estate challenges our clients may face. Our goal is to serve as a comprehensive “One Stop Shop” for all real estate needs, offering a wide range of services.

We find inspiration in the convenience, satisfaction, and peace of mind experienced by our clients through our services. It fuels our drive to continue growing and achieving exceptional results. Our unwavering dedication has allowed us to forge strong and enduring relationships with our valued patrons, forming an exclusive clientele that has played a vital role in our success.


Pan Global Properties is an innovative player in the real estate industry, dedicated to merging distinctive commercial and lifestyle needs with exceptional property solutions. Since our inception in 2013, we have been driven by a client-centric approach, aiming to revolutionize real estate transactions by offering services that go beyond conventional brokerage.

This unique concept has been fundamental to our success and sets us apart from others in the industry. We firmly believe in transforming the way real estate is dealt with, focusing on meeting the specific requirements of our clients. By providing unparalleled service, we strive to exceed expectations and establish ourselves as a prominent and forward-thinking entity in the real estate sector.

The preferred real-estate solutions provider.

Our Vision

To be The preferred real-estate market place in Sri Lanka.

Our Mission

Delivering tangible results with unparalleled expertise to our buyers and sellers.

Our Values

Upholding honesty and strong moral principles in all interactions, fostering trust and credibility.

Upholding honesty and strong moral principles in all interactions, fostering trust and credibility.

Adhering to moral standards and conducting business in an honest and responsible manner.

Taking responsibility for actions, being answerable, and delivering on commitments.

Providing quality and meaningful products or services that exceed customer expectations.

Creating moments of joy and satisfaction for customers through exceptional experiences.

Offering innovative and effective problem-solving approaches to address customer needs.

Building strong and meaningful relationships, fostering collaboration, and promoting effective communication.

Demonstrating enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment in all endeavors.

Striving for the highest standards of quality, continuous improvement, and outstanding performance.

Treating individuals with dignity, valuing diversity, and honoring the perspectives and boundaries of others.

Mr. Gamini Kuruppu personally conducts consultations and oversees the entire transaction process with meticulous attention.

Through our personal referral network, we gain exclusive access to properties that surpass our clients' investment expectations.


We conduct thorough legal assessments of properties to ensure compliance with all criteria, expediting the sale or purchase process.

We offer confidential facilitation of transactions for buyers or property owners who prefer exclusive representation services.

We maintain a friendly, customer-focused mindset that prioritizes mutually beneficial transactions for both buyers and sellers.

Being part of a continuously growing and prominent network, our business relationships seamlessly transition into real estate clientele.