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Chairman's Message

Pan Global Properties (Pvt) Ltd first came into existence in August 2013 as Pan Global Property Developers (Pvt) Ltd, incorporated with the foresight of engaging in multifaceted property development ventures to serve the demanding and dynamic real estate sector.

Having been intensely engaged in the real estate sector and with almost a decade of exposure, we were made to discover a dominant gap in services demanded by the real estate market. Understanding the market dynamics of the industry, we have gradually adapted and emerged into providing an array of integrated real estate-related services that are demanded by our valued patrons.

Evolving our business model to meet the demands of the market and transforming it into an entity that delivers tangible results, we rebranded our company as Pan Global Properties (Pvt) Ltd to align with what we represent.

Gamini Kuruppu-Chairman-Pan Global Property
Gamini Kuruppu

We are small yet a spirited team dedicated to providing our patrons with a tailor-made, personalized solution to any complex real estate-related challenge. We thrive on being a “One Stop Shop” in real estate with the multitude of services offered by us. We are inspired by the convenience, satisfaction, and peace of mind derived by our clients as a result of our services.

We continue on our journey in our growth trajectory, delivering extraordinary results and forging lasting bonds with our patrons, building an exclusive clientele that has been a pillar of strength to our success.

As a progressive enterprise in the real estate industry, Pan Global Properties unites unique commercial and lifestyle requirements with extraordinary property solutions. Incorporated in 2013, we are a needs focused entity that believe in transforming real estate dealings to provide you with service that transcends traditional brokerage. This concept has proven to be the cornerstone to our success as an up and coming player n the real estate industry, and continues to differentiate us from the rest.


Our Vision

To be the most sort-after realtor in Sri Lanka

Our Mission

Delivering tangible results with unparallel expertise

Our Values

We are proud of our credibility and transparency

We maintain absolute discretion in all our dealings

We aspire to be fair and ethical in all our undertakings

We are answerable for all that we do

We deliver value far exceeding the expectations

We thrive on delighting our clients

We find the perfect solution to the most complex problem

We connect with our patrons to forge lasting bonds

We are enthusiastic and devoted to what we do

We strive to improve continuously to retain the distinction

We value diversity and respect inclusiveness

We're different because we have years of experience and our approach s to work directly with our clients for everything we develop

Why Choose Us to Manage Your Property Dealings

Personal consultation and overseeing of the entire transaction by Mr. Gamini Kuruppu.

Our personal referral network provides us with exclusive access to properties that exceed the investment expectations of our clients.


Legal assessment of properties to ensure that all criteria are met in order to expedite sale or purchase.

For buyers or property owners wishing to work solely through representation, we facilitate transactions in strictest confidence.

Friendly, customer focused mindset that ensures transactions are mutually beneficial to buyer and seller.

We are part of a consistently expanding high profile network of business relationships that have effortlessly transformed into real estate clientele