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As a respected entity in the real estate industry we at Pan Global Properties pride ourselves in going beyond brokerage; acting as real estate facilitators and transforming traditional real estate management to suit the modern era. Realising the need to formalise the brokering aspect of realty. We seek to streamline the process of buying and selling properties, backed by strict confidentiality and integrity to all stakeholders involved.

Our Portfolio of transactions cater to exclusive listings, in which meticulous detail goes into pricing, in consideration of each property and its corresponding suburbs. Our projects have consistently resulted in personal referrals which in turn have helped grow our business and transactions successfully through the years.

Gamini Kuruppu-Chairman-Pan Global Property
Gamini Kuruppu

As a progressive enterprise in the real estate industry, Pan Global Properties unites unique commercial and lifestyle requirements with extraordinary property solutions. Incorporated in 2013, we are a needs focused entity that believe in transforming real estate dealings to provide you with service that transcends traditional brokerage. This concept has proven to be the cornerstone to our success as an up and coming player n the real estate industry, and continues to differentiate us from the rest.


We're different because we have years of experience and our approach s to work directly with our clients for everything we develop

Why Choose Us to Manage Your Property Dealings

Personal consultation and overseeing of the entire transaction by Mr. Gamini Kuruppu.

Our personal referral network provides us with exclusive access to properties that exceed the investment expectations of our clients.


Legal assessment of properties to ensure that all criteria are met in order to expedite sale or purchase.

For buyers or property owners wishing to work solely through representation, we facilitate transactions in strictest confidence.

Friendly, customer focused mindset that ensures transactions are mutually beneficial to buyer and seller.

We are part of a consistently expanding high profile network of business relationships that have effortlessly transformed into real estate clientele